About J.D. Finder

What is JDFinder.com?

JDFinder.com is a legal matching service focused on matching qualified and trustworthy lawyers with potential clients. We are not a law firm. We are also not a referral system since we simply provide clients with access to potential attorney matches without input or preference.


Why should I use JDFinder.com?


At JDFinder.com, it’s free to submit a claim and find an attorney. Submit your claim, receive profiles for up to four interested attorneys, the interested attorneys will contact you, and you choose who to hire!  To learn more, see: JDFinder.com for Clients


We provide an easy, affordable, and effective means of providing new clients. It is free to join our attorney directory, view claims, and use our resources. There is no fee until you choose to contact a client. Also, the fee is minimal and there are never monthly charges or obligations! See Fee Structure and learn more at JDFinder.com for Attorneys  

Is legal matching an acceptable form of advertising under California State Bar Rules?

Yes, legal matching is not in conflict with any legal ethics rules. Clients submit claims to JDFinder.com to be matched with attorneys, so attorney responses are not unsolicited. Also, the client makes the decision on whom to hire, not JDFinder.com, so the potential hazards of referral systems are not present. JDFinder.com simply provides clients with access to up to four attorneys, then the client chooses who to hire. To learn more about legal matching read our blog article here

How do I know that the information I provide is protected?

We are committed to client privacy. The information you provide about your claim is confidential and will only be provided to licensed attorneys. We will never sell or share your information. Once you find the right lawyer, the information is deleted from our database. See Privacy Policy

I purchased the client lead, but I didn’t get hired, why is that? 

At JDFinder.com, we encourage and promote a system of competition among lawyers. A potential client’s claim is open to a maximum of four lawyer matches and the client will choose the best fit from the matches. We have a short blog article that explains more here

We cannot refund credits if the client does not choose to hire you or if the client cannot pay. However, if you get a bad phone number or an undeliverable email, we will refund your credits.

What locations and types of law does JDFinder.com cover?

Our free legal matching service will help you find a throughout California and our network of attorneys practice in every area of law.

What is a J.D.?

J.D. stands for “Juris Doctor”, which is the degree awarded after completion of law school.