Benchmarking, Transparency & Green Will

On January 24th San Francisco city supervisors will hear a second reading of a proposed ordinance being presented by the Land Use Committee. The supervisors will then need to decide whether to join other progressive cities and require... Read more →

How do I Sue Another Party in California?

If you are thinking about suing another person or business, first try talking to them before going to court. Try to work things out or send them a “demand letter” that asks the other person or business to pay you what they owe.... Read more →

What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

A domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) is a civil court order that is signed by a judge and states that the abuser must stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It offers civil legal protection from domestic violence to both... Read more →

Why Should I Make a Will?

Many ordinary people wonder if they need to make a will. Even if you think you have little money or few possessions of any value, it is still important for you to make a will. Consider these reasons: If you die without a will, there are probate... Read more →