Tips On How To Fight Speeding Ticket Enforcement

Figuring out how to fight a ticket is essential when you’re trying to protect your rights. The first thing to recognize is that you have to begin fighting your ticket the minute you are stopped. Most police officers are involved in many traffic... Read more →

Learning Some Words Used in The Courtroom

Not everyone understands the language being used in courtrooms. That’s why it would be best to have a brief learning encounter with words commonly used by lawyers and judges. Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Yes? Good. Let... Read more →

Business Law: Consideration

A brief note on the concept of consideration, with case references. Consideration is required in order for a contract to be valid, unless the contract is formed by deed under seal. The parties involved in the formation of the contract must promise... Read more →

Structured Annuity Settlements – An Overview

How a structured settlement annuity works A Structured Settlement is essentially an agreement under which an insurance company agrees to pay an individual a predetermined amount of cash for a fixed length of time if the individual meets an accident. The... Read more →