Personal Injury Compensation – A Guide to Making a Claim

The term personal injury is one increasingly banded around the UK legal industry and a growing part of everyday legal cases.

Across the country, members of the public are beginning to understand the extent of their rights regarding injuries that were caused by others, and this is leading to an increase in the number of personal injury cases being pursued each year.

What is a Personal Injury?

There are a number of physical and psychological injuries that can be considered a personal injury with regards to the law. These include:

  • Injuries caused at work
  • Psychological injuries caused by stress
  • Injuries caused by traffic accidents
  • Injuries sustained as a result of faulty goods or services
  • Injuries caused by slips, trips or falls
  • Psychological injuries suffered as a result of previous abuse
  • Injuries caused by medical negligence
  • Injuries sustained in the course of a crime
  • Psychological injuries caused by discrimination or harassment

What Should I Do?

If you feel that an injury you have sustained was not your fault then you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim.

However, the first step in assessing your eligibility is to report the injury to your doctor and establish a medical report that highlights the extent of your injuries and suffering.

Once you have gathered evidence that you have sustained an injury, you should then gather evidence that proves it was caused by the negligence of others.

This is done first and foremost by recording any details relating to the incident in question, which begins with the recording of contact details for any witnesses.

You should then write an account of the incident, complete with any photographs that may be relevant to the case.

Making Your Claim

Once you have established that you have been the victim of a personal injury, and that you have enough evidence to back up your claim, you can then begin the process of pursuing your personal injury compensation claim.

This process begins with the contacting of appropriate personal injury attorneys at Costa Ivone, LLC, who should have experience in the particular field of personal injury law that relates to your injuries.

Although often time consuming, personal injury cases can be eased wit the help of a professional attorney, who will help you navigate the legal obstacles that stand in the way of you receiving the compensation you deserve.

This money could be used to cover any medical expenses that have been sustained following the accident, or any travel costs that may have been incurred during these medical visits.

Not only that, but the compensation can be used to cover previous and future care costs, ensuring that those left with serious or long term injuries receive the care and medical attention they need to make a full and rapid recovery.

There are many people who will also choose to use this money to cover regular household bills, which can be a blessing if a personal injury has led to the temporary or permanent loss of a job.

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